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HENAN QUANSHUN FLOW CONTROL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. was founded in 2005, main in producing and supplying products like valve, rotary valve, segment ball valve and so on, our products are selled to Southeast Asia, Europe, Russia and other markets.

Note: valve directory, there are some pictures of the product, the difference is that the models, specifications, parameters and purposes, please view the product details, any questions can contact us directly

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  • triple offset  butterfly valve

    triple offset butterfly valve Inquiry Now

    The  triple offset  butterfly valve uses butterfly disc as the closing part to realize the operation of the valve through the rotation of the disc around the valve shaft. Large size valves can be made . Mainly used for cutting off the fluid ,this ...

  • Fully Welded Ball Valve

    Fully Welded Ball Valve Inquiry Now

    Fully Welded Ball Valve is a kind of ball valve with fully welded valve body, it is widely used in some heating pipelines ,underground pipelines and so on . Features1.Fully welded valve body structure and no leakage.2.30 years’ service life, no nee...

  • Fixed Type Ball Valve

    Fixed Type Ball Valve Inquiry Now

    Size: 2”~16”

    Pressure: Class 150~Class 900

    Structure Type: Fixed type

    Material of Valve Body: WCB(A105), WC6, WC9, CF8(304), CF8M(316), CF3(304L), CF3M(316L)etc.

    Material of Sealing Surface: Rubber,PTFE,Hard Alloy,etc.

  •  floating ball valve

    floating ball valve Inquiry Now

    The floating ball valve is a kind of common product in the industry. Specially provided for the condition with low and middle pressure.This ball valve is applicable for water,oil,steam and other corrosive mediums.Features1.Manufactured with full bore or r...

  • swing check valve

    swing check valve Inquiry Now

    The swing check valve is particularly developed to prevent the medium from backflow. This swing check valve can be used on the pipeline of the petroleum industry, chemical industry, hydraulic power industry  to cut off or control water, steam, oil and o...

  • Straight through globe valve

    Straight through globe valve Inquiry Now

    Straight through globe valve is a type of adopts a straight-through valve body and controls the medium flow by the disc moving up or down. This straight through stop valve is widely used for control of water, steam, oil and other corrosive medium.Features1....

  • Wedge gate valve

    Wedge gate valve Inquiry Now

    Wedge gate valve adpot wedge disc as closing part ,it is widely use in water, steam, oil, gas and other corrosive medium. The gate valve can also be used in the environment with high temperature and high pressure.Features1.Manufactured with straight-throug...

  • Tank Bottom Angle Valve

    Tank Bottom Angle Valve Inquiry Now

    Tank Bottom Angle Valve With Washing Pipe is designed based on practical situation of the coal chemical industry. During the development of the product, characteristic of the coal slurry has been taken into consideration as well, This special tank bot...

  • Disc Type Tank Bottom Angle Valve

    Disc Type Tank Bottom Angle Valve Inquiry Now

    Disc Type Tank Bottom Angle Valve(referred to as Tank valve, Angle Bottom valve, Bottom drain valve, Flush mount valve etc) is designed to provide drainage and dead space free shutoff for reactors, vessels, autoclaves and storage tanks. The dead sp...

  • slurry valve

    slurry valve Inquiry Now

    Featuring abrasion resistance,high pressure resistance,erosion resistance and anti-scaling performance,the slurry valve is specially offered for controlling or shutting off the slurry.The slurry valves are widely used at alumina,steel ,metallurgy and mining ...

  • Side Entry Segment Ball Valve

    Side Entry Segment Ball Valve Inquiry Now

    Side Entry Segment Ball Valve is a high performance valve we have developed with advanced technology.It also called eccentric ball valve ,semi ball valve ,half ball valve ,C type ball valve and E type ball valve .It is designed on the base of O type ...

  • Spherical Disc Butterfly Valve

    Spherical Disc Butterfly Valve Inquiry Now

    Body material :WCB, CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M,etc: Size :2”~40” DN50~DN3000

    Pressure:Class 150~Class 300 PN1.0~PN4.0: Sealing material:Hard alloy

    Connection type:Flange or weld: Operating type:Worm gear ,electric or pneumatic