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ZLB Vertical axial flow water pump

ZLB Vertical axial flow water pump
  • Model Number: 350ZLB-70
  • Brand Name:
  • Place of Origin: Shanghai, China
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1Set
  • Supply Capacity: 500Sets per month/month
  • Payment: T/T in advance
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350ZLB-70 ZLB Vertical axial flow water pump Description

ZLB vertical axial flow pump is a single-stage vertical axial flow pump. ZLB vertical axial flow pump is suitable for pumping water, sewage, rainwater and slightly corrosive liquid and the temperature of the liquid is not higher than 50℃.
ZLB vertical axial flow pump has the feature of large flow and low head. ZLB pump can be used in irrigation, irrigation, water conservancy projects, urban water supply, drainage and sewage treatment, power plants, salt plants and farms circulating water, dock lifting water level and it can also be used in metallurgy, chemical industry.
Model meaning of ZLB axial flow pump :
For example: 28 Z L B -- 70
28-- the outlet diameter of the pump shall be 28 inches;
Z-- axial flow pump;
L-- vertical structure;
B-- semi-regulated blade;
70-- the expressed integer whose specific speed is divided by 10
ZL pump structure
The main structure is: horn tube, impeller, guide vane body, water elbow, pump shaft, bearing, stuffing box, drive shaft and so on.
1) horn tube: horn tube is for the suction chamber of the small and medium axial flow pump . It is made of cast iron, its role is to bring the water evenly to the impeller with minimum loss.
2) impeller: the impeller is the main working part of the axial flow pump, consisting of blade, hub, water cone, etc.
3) guide vane body: the guide vane body is located above the impeller. Its main function is to eliminate the rotating motion of water flow and reduce the head loss. At the same time, some kinetic energy of water flow can be converted into pressure energy.
4) pump shaft and bearing: the pump shaft is made of high-quality carbon steel, mainly used to transfer torque to the impeller.
5) drive shaft: the connecting shaft between the vertical motor and the water pump is the drive shaft, whose main function is to transfer the motor power to the water pump.
6) packing box: where the pump shaft passes through the outlet water elbow, there is a packing sealing device.

flow rate 1100-3000m3/h
head 3-7m
pump material cast iron or stainless steel
water pump drainage pump
axial flow pump vertical pump
transfer pump circulation pump
irrigation pump cooling pump
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