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RXB Flexible impeller rotor pump

RXB Flexible impeller rotor pump
  • Model Number: 25-RXB
  • Brand Name: kenshine-pump
  • Place of Origin: Shanghai, China
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1Set
  • Supply Capacity: 500Sets per month/month
  • Payment: T/T IN ADVANCE
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25-RXB RXB Flexible impeller rotor pump Description

RXB flexible impeller rotor pump
Flexible rotor pump is also called flexible rotor pump and flexible impeller pump according to its working principle and structural characteristics. Flexible blade self-priming pump is a kind of vacuum suction fluid, squeeze the drainage of the new type positive displacement self-priming pump. It has both the dry self-priming ability and the strong transport capacity for middle low viscosity fluids and liquids containing suspended particles. The pump has the characteristics of centrifugal pump stability without pulse at the same time, and it can such as rotor pump, gear pump displacement pump transporting for high viscosity medium. Rubber impeller does not generate sparks when running. When the pump is equipped with explosion-proof motor, it can transport inflammable and explosive dangerous fluids.
The impeller has two materials -- hydrogenated butylene, silica gel. Hydrogenated butylene impeller is mainly used in vegetable oil, mineral oil, gasoline, diesel oil, aviation kerosene and other oily medium. Silica gel is mainly used in food, medicine and health industry or weak acid etc. medium.
Chemical field - weak inorganic acid, alkali, salt, oil, alcohol, ketone, ester and other wide range of media.
On the health food industry - not very strict requirements field used in the packaging or nutritional liquid and semi-liquid (containing suspended particles hard soft, with different viscosity, fragile and not emulsion), such as jam, egg, tomato sauce, salt, spices, oils, canned food, jam, jelly, milk, ice cream, yogurt and fruit grain of yogurt, whey, glucose syrup, honey,, tomato juice and pulp, beer, wine, grape juice, to stem grapes, soft drinks, fruit pulp, concentrated fruit juice.
Daily chemical - cosmetic lotion, bath, shampoo, soap, detergent, toothpaste.
Medicine - syrup, starch, nutrient solution, fish liver oil, royal jelly.
Working principle:
(1) There is an eccentric convex block in the pump chamber. When the flexible blade leaves the eccentric block, the volume between the blades increases constantly, creating a vacuum, which makes the liquid continuously drawn into the inlet of the pump chamber.
(2) when the flexible blade rotates, the liquid by the pump suction cavity suction is brought into the discharge outlet.
(3) when the flexible blade again contacts with the eccentric convex block, bending, and accompanied by a squeezing action, so that the liquid is uninterrupted and has no pulsation to be discharged out of the pump chamber, so as to complete the whole process of suction and discharge
Small size, large flow.
There is no pulsation in the flow.
Dry self - suction up to 5 m.
It can handle semi-fluid with viscosity up to 5000 cp.
It can transport liquid containing gas and foam without gas resistance.
It Can transport suspension hard, soft particle medium and no damage to the pump and medium.
The gentle action of the pump does not damage the shear sensitive and shake - soluble medium.
The flow parts such as pump body and pump cover etc. are made of SUS304,AISI316 stainless steel. Pump cavity is Specially designed without dead Angle, internal and external surface polishing to meet 3A and GMP standards.
Pump heads can be quickly removed and installed for cleaning - even for beginners, it takes less than five minutes to disassemble. It meets CIP on-site cleaning (up to 120 degrees Celsius).
The inlet and outlet can be rotated 360 degrees with the pump head to fit the pipe connection.
The direction of inlet and outlet can be interchangeable- only to adjust the motor steering.
The rotating parts in the pump cavity - flexible impeller in the operation has no metal contact for silent work.
Compared with competitive pumps, low investment, low maintenance and costs.

flow rate 1-3m3/h
head 30m
pump material stainless steel
centrifugal pump chemical pump
self priming pump sewage pump
oil pump juice pump
syrup pump toothpaste pump
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