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PWL Vertical sewage not clogging centrifugal pump

PWL Vertical sewage not clogging centrifugal pump
  • Model Number: 6PWL
  • Brand Name: kenshine-pump
  • Place of Origin: Shanghai, China
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6PWL PWL Vertical sewage not clogging centrifugal pump Description

PWL vertical sewage pump

PWL vertical sewage pump has the advantages of simple and reliable structure and convenient maintenance.2PWL, 4PWL, 6PWL and 8PWL are vertical single-stage single-suction cantilever centrifugal sewage pump. PWL vertical sewage pump is suitable to pump liquid with fiber or other suspended substances and liquids temperature is below 80 degree Celsius. PWL vertical sewage pump is used in urban industrial and mining enterprises to pump waste water. The pump is not suitable for pumping acidic and salty liquid medium.

PWFL sewage pump structure characteristics

PWL series sewage pumps are single stage, single suction, cantilever type corrosion resistant centrifugal sewage pumps. Pump suction inlet is axial horizontal direction, pump suction outlet can be installed in a horizontal or vertical direction as required.

PWL sewage pump is mainly composed of pump cover, pump shell, impeller, shaft seal, shaft and bracket. Shaft seal adopts double end face mechanical seal structure. The PWL sewage pump and the motor are mounted on the same chassis and driven directly by the motor through the elastic coupling. From the direction of the motor to see the pump, the pump should be clockwise rotation.2.5PW and 2.5PWL sewage pumps rotate clockwise from the rotation direction. Sewage pumps of type 6PW, 8PW, 6PWL and 8PWL rotate counterclockwise from the rotation direction.

PWFL sewage pump applicable scope

PWFL corrosion resistant sewage pump can transport acidic, alkaline or other corrosive sewage under 80 degree Celsius. The pump is widely used in chemical industry, petroleum industry, light industry, food, pharmaceutical and environmental protection industries.

Performance range:

Flow Q10 to 125m3/h;

The head H is 10 to 18m, and the materials of flow parts are ZG1Cr18Ni9(corrosion resistant material) and HT200.

PWL sewage pump technical parameters

Caliber: 65 to 200 (mm)

Flow rate: 40 to 700 (m3/h)

Head: 12 to 34 (m)


Flow rate 10-700m3/h
Head 5-35M
pump material cast iron or stainless steel
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