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PN horizontal single stage mud pump

PN horizontal single stage mud pump
  • Model Number: 1PN
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  • Place of Origin: Shanghai, China
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1Set
  • Supply Capacity: 600sets per month/month
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1PN PN horizontal single stage mud pump Description

PN, PNL mud pump belongs to the single-stage single-suction centrifugal pump, it can transport the liquids with solid particle and heavy mud with the proportion of up to 50%. The flow components of the pump is made of wear-resistant cast iron.  PN,PNL mud pump is suitable to transport mud, sand liquid and etc. on mining, metallurgy, construction industry. PNL slurry pump is a single-stage vertical mud pump and PN is for horizontal slurry pump. PN,PNL slurry pump is suitable for conveying liquid containing solid particles.  PN,PNL mud pump is widely used to convey hydraulic ash in coal-fired power plant and ore fluids in mine and they can also be used to pump all kinds of pulp in building materials, paper making, textile, food, feed and other departments. The max concentration of the pumped mud /slurry is up 50% to 60% (weight).


PNL, PN mud pump has long life. Open impeller is with a threaded shaft connection and clearance between the impeller and the plate can be adjusted to maintain efficient work

1. The flow components are made of wear resistant cast iron so as to have a long service life.

2. The clearance between impeller and protective plate can be adjusted in time to maintain with high efficiency.

3, For 4 " ,6“,8”,10“,12” pumps, the bearing is directly settled in the horizontal open bracket, easy to remove and adjust in time, and in the oil tank with water-cooled snake tube, improve the working conditions of the bearing.

4, 8 "above the pump pump body is larger, the use of the folio structure, easy to disassemble and repair.


1. It can transport high concentration and high viscosity < 10000PaS and suspended slurry containing particles.

2. Stable conveying fluid flow, no overflow, pulsation, agitation and shear slurry phenomenon.

3, discharge pressure and speed have nothing to do, low flow can also maintain high discharge pressure.

4. The flow rate is proportional to the speed, and the flow rate can be adjusted by the speed changing mechanism or the speed adjusting motor.

5. Strong self-priming ability, no need to install the bottom valve to directly pump the liquid.

6, the pump can be reversed, the flow of liquid by the rotation direction of the pump to change, suitable for the pipe need to reverse flushing occasions.

7. Stable operation, low vibration and noise.

8. Simple structure, convenient disassembly and maintenance

flow rate 5-1500m3/h
head 14-90m
pump material cast iron or stainless steel
centrifugal pump mud pump
slurry pump wastewater pump
sewage pump drainage pump
effluent pump pulp pump
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