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JXF fluoroplastic liner axial flow pump

JXF fluoroplastic liner axial flow pump
  • Model Number: JXF-250
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  • Place of Origin: Shanghai, China
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
  • Supply Capacity: 500Sets per month/month
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JXF-250 JXF fluoroplastic liner axial flow pump Description

JXF Fluoroplastic liner axial flow

The flow parts of the pump are made of PFA material with high quality. JXF fluoroplastic liner axial flow is highly adaptable to corrosive liquids such as nitric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid and strong oxidizer. The pump has the good corrosion resistant for the corrosive liquids. Its corrosion resistance is far better than high nickel alloy, no. 20 alloy, even more than high silicon cast iron etc.

Excellent wear resistance

The pump adopts a special process of drying and pressing, in which the thickness of fluorine lining of the steel lined compound pump body is more than 10mm, the thickness of fluorine of the splint pump body is more than 25mm. And the special treatment is carried out on the inner wall of fluorine, the resistance to ferrous sulfate abrasion is the first in the world.

Excellent high temperature resistance

Because the pump has excellent thermal property, self-lubrication and impact resistance, the impeller and other key parts of fluoroplastics will not be cracked due to impact, making up for the ceramic pump, high silicon cast iron pump fragile defects. The performance of the whole machine is excellent, smooth operation and in the -30 to 150 DegC harsh environment the pump can be safely used for a long time.(the maximum temperature for waste acid concentration is 130DegC, while the melting point of fluorine material is 360DegC)

Easy to disassemble and easy to repair

Because the impeller, pump cover, shaft sleeve are all made of fluorine material, the weight of the pump is greatly reduced, the rotor part can be easily and conveniently removed from the pump body, so the dismantling, unloading, loading can be easily completed. Avoid silicon iron pump need to be carefully repaired and afraid of being broken.

To sum up, this pump is the most ideal and suitable special pump for the concentration of waste acid in titanium dioxide.

JXF splint type axial flow pump structure features

1. The pump is designed according to the optimal flow conditions according to the required parameters of the axial flow pump.

2. This pump adopts a pull-out structure pump with rear door, which is convenient for disassembly and maintenance. The connection pipe can be removed without disassembly during maintenance.

3. The shaft seal adopts the new combined seal, which is suitable for conveying the highly corrosive liquid containing suspended particles.

4. The flow passage of the pump body is not easily blocked, with large cavitation allowance and high reliability of shaft and bearing design to ensure smooth operation, small vibration, low noise and long service life.

5. The rotation direction of the pump shall be marked with arrows on the bearing bracket.

Fluorine-lined axial flow pump structure

This series of pump is cantilever structure, horizontal installation can also be according to the user needs to adopt belt wheel drive, adjust the flow and head.

JXF type fluorine-lined axial pump mechanical seal

The mechanical seal adopts double-end seal, the stationary ring and dynamic ring adopt imported haste alloy material, which must be rinsed with cooling water or use external single-face mechanical seal.

flow rate 300-8000m3/h
head 2-7m
pump material fluoroplastic liner
chemical pump transfer pump
circulation pump corrosive resistance pump
axial flow pump acid alkali pump
industrial pump PFA plastic pump
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