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HW horizontal mixed flow pump

HW horizontal mixed flow pump
  • Model Number: 200HW-11
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  • Place of Origin: Shanghai, China
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
  • Supply Capacity: 1000sets per month/month
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200HW-11 HW horizontal mixed flow pump Description

HW mixed flow pump:
Mixed flow pump is a kind of pump between centrifugal pump and axial flow pump. Specific speed of mixed flow pump is higher than the centrifugal pump and lower than the axial flow pump. It is generally between 300-500.Its head is higher than the axial flow pump, but the flow is smaller than the axial flow pump and larger than the centrifugal pump.
When electric motor drives the impeller to rotate, the role of the liquid has both centrifugal force and axial thrust (it is the combination of centrifugal pump and axial pump, the liquid is oblique flow out of the impeller. Therefore, it is a kind of pump between centrifugal pump and axial pump.
Mixed flow pump is a "pull out" type structure pump, in the inspection and disassembly impeller and shaft seal, without the need to open the pump body connected to the pipeline.  Pump shaft fitted with precision machining and bearings fitted with thin oil lubrication, protective shaft sleeve fitted in stuffing box cover.  The oil level of the bearing box can be controlled by the constant oil cup.
The foot of the pump body can bear any load from the pipeline and pass directly to the foundation. In this way, the rotor will not bend due to the load on the pump, thus ensuring the optimal service life of the bearing.
Due to the large overcurrent area, thus reducing the blocking.
The rotation direction of the pump is clockwise when the pump is viewed from the driving end.
Power can be driven by electric motors or internal combustion engines.
The pump unit can be equipped with a complete exhaust device, which is conducive to the exhaust of the suction line.
HW type mixed flow pump purpose is for horizontal single suction volute type mixed flow pump. HW horizontal mixed flow pump is suitable for conveying clean water or other liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to water. It is widely used in farmland irrigation, industry and urban water supply and drainage.
HW type mixed flow pump is between centrifugal pump and axial flow pump. It has small size, light weight, high efficiency, and efficient area wide, simple structure, easy to use, easy to maintain. The conveying medium is water or other liquids like water. So, it is suitable for farmland irrigation and industrial water supply and drainage.
Performance range:
flow 180-3665m3/h,
HEAD 3.0 -20.7 m
Motor power: 3-250kw

flow rate 70-7200m3/h
head 5-15m
pump material cast iron or stainless steel
mixed flow pump irrigation pump
supply pump water pump
transfer pump drainage pump
cooling pump circulation pump
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