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HCY Magnetic drive submerged pump

HCY Magnetic drive submerged pump
  • Model Number: 32HCY-50
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  • Place of Origin: Shanghai, China
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
  • Supply Capacity: 1000sets per month/month
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32HCY-50 HCY Magnetic drive submerged pump Description

HCY no leakage magnetic drive submerged pump is for the submerged pump to prevent leakage in the process of conveying medium and with totally enclosed structure. All the parts which contact liquids are all made of stainless steel and the submerged depth range of 1 to 6 meters. The main parts of the pumps are submerged into the liquid. The pump adopts the static seal, without the traditional mechanical seal. The medium can be completely isolated from the outside air so as to achieve no leakage.

HCY magnetic drive submerged pump is especially suitable to convey the inflammable, explosive, toxic, high-risk medium. The pump has a wide range of corrosion resistant, high efficiency, safe and reliable shaft coupling, convenient disassembly. The pump does not need the irrigation fluid and can pump the liquids.

Due to axial force and radial force produced by pump operation respectively is supported by the rolling bearing and sliding bearing, so quiet operation without noise. It is really the pump of environmental protection and energy saving of high, with strong corrosion resistance, good abrasion resistance, high mechanical strength, food grade, reasonable design, compact structure, reliable performance, convenient operation and maintenance, high efficiency etc.

HCY magnetic drive submerged pump  is widely used in the transportation of volatile, inflammable, explosive, toxic, harmful and other high risk media in the production process of petroleum, chemical industry, coal-chemical, alkali-making, smelting, rare earth, pesticide, dye, medicine, scientific research institutions and national defense industry.

Performance range:

design pressure 1.6-5.0mpa, flow :1.8-400 m3 / h, head: 15-125m, motor power:1.5-280KW

Applicable temperature: -20 ~ 350℃;

Notes: for medium with a specific gravity of more than 1.3mg/cm3, it should be stated when ordering; No idle operation; Transported medium containing particles or crystals is prohibited.

1.HCY no leakage magnetic driving submerged pump is the new centrifugal no leakage pump designed according to the national standards;

2. The material of the pump body, inner rotor, pump cover, impeller, isolation sleeve and pump shaft can be made of 304, 316, 316L, 904, TA2, HC276 and other materials;

3. The pump body and the pump cover are designed by CFD computer fluid mechanics hydraulic components for module design and precision casting. They should be able to withstand the erosion of high-speed and high-pressure liquid and the impact of instantaneous thermal shock.

4. The impeller also adopts CFD computer fluid mechanics to design hydraulic components for module design and precision casting, ensuring reliable torque transmission, its closed structure, optimized design of flow passage, high efficiency, low NPSHR value, and ensuring pump flow and head stability;

5. The isolation sleeve is designed with materials such as 316L, TA2, HC276 and low vortex isolation sleeve. The isolation sleeve is in a sinusoidal alternating magnetic field.  High resistivity, high strength non-metallic materials can be selected to make the isolation sleeve, in reducing the eddy current effect is obvious, eliminate all the excess heat and reduce energy consumption. With high rupture resistance pressure, high safety factor, at the same time, the pump chamber is completely isolated from the outside world, so that the pump chamber is completely sealed, is to achieve no leakage during the transmission process.

6. Dynamic ring, shaft sleeve and sliding bearing are made of silicon carbide, tungsten carbide and other materials with high wear resistance and temperature resistance, which have high strength, wear resistance and strong corrosion resistance, effectively ensuring the service life of the pump.

7. Samarium cobalt 2:17 is selected for the magnetic block, whose magnetic energy product is 28 trillion gauss otus, and the limit of temperature tolerance is 350℃, which can avoid demagnetization to the greatest extent, making the theoretical service life of the magnetic material as high as 20 years;

8. The self-balancing structure of the axial force of the pump is based on the principle of hydraulics, which can automatically balance the axial force through the fluid pressure difference. The thrust plate of the rolling bearing only bears the unbalanced axial force at the moment of starting and stopping.

9. The magnetic pump adopts double sliding bearing structure, running more smoothly, making the media flow smoothly, and the sliding bearing lubrication effect is the best; The elastic spacer structure in the shaft sleeve and the sliding bearing can prolong the service life of the bearing, reduce the vibration of the pump, and avoid the expansion and crack of the sliding bearing caused by high temperature.

10. No leakage, all sealing points are closed static seal, driven by magnetic coupling, no nitrogen seal is required, safe, economical and efficient, completely solve the medium leakage;

flow rate 2-200m3/h
head 15-120m
pump material stainless steel
submerged pump submersible pump
magnetic drive pump no leakage pump
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circulating pump centrifugal pump
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