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GW pipeline sewage wastewater pump

GW pipeline sewage wastewater pump
  • Model Number: 50GW20-40-7.5
  • Brand Name:
  • Place of Origin: Shanghai, China
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1Set
  • Supply Capacity: 1000Sets per month/month
  • Payment: T/T IN ADVANCE
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50GW20-40-7.5 GW pipeline sewage wastewater pump Description

GW pipeline non-clogging sewage pump is manufactured on the base of ISG vertical single-stage centrifugal pump. The center line of inlet and outlet for GW pipeline sewage pump is in the same horizontal line and suction flange and discharge flange are same. So it is very convenient to install and disassemble. GW pipeline sewage pump has small area and it can be installed in any position of the pipeline like a valve.GW pipeline sewage pump and motor is directly connected coaxial) and has compact structure, stable performance , high efficiency, saving energy and low noise, low cost.

The impeller with big flow channel can pass the wastewater or waste liquids with big solid particles or fiber etc. impurities. Mechanical seal adopts hard tungsten carbide to have wear-resisting and long life. Protection sleeve is added onto the dry motor and the pump can be used outdoor. GW series pipeline sewage wastewater pump is suitable for the sewage or wastewater containing particles, dirt, fiber etc. impurities.  GW pipeline sewage pump can also be used for water and weak corrosive medium. GW pipeline sewage pump can be made of cast iron or stainless-steel material.

GW pipeline sewage wastewater pump is mainly used in the factory business seriously polluted wastewater emissions, residential sewage station, urban sewage treatment plant water system, civil air defense system drainage stand, waterworks water supply equipment, hospital, hotel of sewage, municipal engineering, construction, mining machine, rural biogas digester, irrigation and other industries.

flow rate 2-1500m3/h
head 3-60m
pump material cast iron or stainless steel
centrifugal pump sewage pump
wastewater pump pipeline pump
vertical pump non clogging pump
drainage pump water pump
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