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FZB Fluorine plastic liner self priming chemical pump

FZB Fluorine plastic liner self priming chemical pump
  • Model Number: 32FZB-32D
  • Brand Name: kenshine-pump
  • Place of Origin: Shanghai, China
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  • Supply Capacity: 1000Sets per month/month
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32FZB-32D FZB Fluorine plastic liner self priming chemical pump Description

FZB-D, FZB-L fluorine plastic liner self priming centrifugal chemical pump

FZB fluoroplastic centrifugal self-priming pump is also known as fluoroplastic self-priming pump, fluorine lined self-priming pump and corrosion resistant self-priming pump. FZB-L pump belongs to the fluoroplastic self-priming pump with shaft coupling and FZB-D fluoroplastic centrifugal self-priming pump with closed coupling.  ZMD typ is for  fluoroplastic magnetic self-priming pump.

FZB-D, FZB-L  fluoroplastic centrifugal self-priming pump:

Flow range: 2m3/h-100m3/h

Head range: 10m-45m

Applicable medium: acid, alkali, salt and organic solvent with any concentration

Standard operating temperature: -20℃ to 150 ℃

FZB series fluoroplastic self-priming pump is a combination of non-metallic pump process design and manufacturing. Pump body uses a metal shell lined with fluorine plastic and flow components(wet parts) for the pump are all made of fluoroplastic alloy. Also pump cover, impeller are fluorine plastic with metal insert . Shaft seal is mounted outside bellows mechanical seal and static ring choose 99.9% alumina ceramic (or silicon nitride), ring with four fluorine filling materials as the excellent corrosion resistant seal.

Self-suction height of 3 meters, suction height of 6 meters, can be 6 meters deep pool empty. Strong suction, and for general particles are applicable. It is an ideal suction pump for sewage tank.

Pump inlet and outlet are reinforced with cast steel body to enhance the pressure resistance of the pump. The pump has the advantages of corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, no aging, high mechanical strength, smooth operation, advanced and reasonable structure, strict and reliable sealing, convenient disassembly and maintenance, long service life and so on.

Outstanding characteristic is FZB self-priming pump with self-priming function. It can pump the liquid below the level where the pump is installed with stable performance, simple operation, just after the pump priming before using, the secondary and later use without primin. The pump can be started directly. Self-priming height is determined based on the medium density within 2 to 4 meters. FZB Self priming pump can replace the submerged pumps.

The pump adopts external installed PTFE bellows mechanical seal, with multi-layer protection, extending the service life of the seal.  For conveying medium containing impurities, the pump can be equipped with no cooling water single end face hard to hard (silicon carbide to silicon carbide) mechanical seal, so the user needs to confirm the solid content of the medium when selecting the type.

Flow rate 2-100m3/h
Head 10-50m
pump material Metal lined with fluorine plastic F46
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transfer pump circulating pump
corrosion resistant pump self priming pump
acid pump solvent pump
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