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Kenshine Pump Valve MFG Co.,LTD was founded in 1995, main in producing and supplying products like pump, industrial pump, centrifugal pump and so on, our products are selled to Asia, Middle East, Africa and other markets.

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CS hand piston pump

CS hand piston pump
  • Model Number: CS20
  • Brand Name: kenshine-pump
  • Place of Origin: Shanghai, China
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1Set
  • Supply Capacity: 500Sets per month/month
  • Payment: T/T IN ADVANCE
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CS20 CS hand piston pump Description

Manual piston pump/hand pump

CS series hand piston pumps are suitable for all kinds of ships to pump lubricating oil, fuel oil, other lubricating oil, fresh water and sea water without hard particles or fibers and it can be used in civil air defense engineering, firefighting, well water drawing, kitchen sewage oil and water, vehicle transportation departments and other places. The temperature of conveyed medium shall not exceed 60℃.



CS hand pumps have the advantages of small volume, light weight, good self-priming performance, easy to install and use. It is an ideal Marine pump with reasonable design, excellent materials, simple maintenance and anti-corrosion treatment of important parts.


Model Description:


C: Marine pump

S: hand pump

20: Pump inlet and outlet (20mm)

Y: oil pump

H: sea water pump


Main parts and materials

Pump body: ZL102

Cover; ZL102

Piston: ZL102

Cylinder for oil pumpr:HT20-40

Valve: 2Cr13

Valve seat: H62

Shaft: 2Cr13

Connecting rod: 2Cr13

Cylinder for sea water pump:H62

flow rate 20-50LPM
head 25M
pump material Cast iron, aluminum alloy
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