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Kenshine Pump Valve MFG Co.,LTD was founded in 1995, main in producing and supplying products like pump, industrial pump, centrifugal pump and so on, our products are selled to Asia, Middle East, Africa and other markets.

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biogas pump

biogas pump
  • Model Number: 65WQK37-13
  • Brand Name: kenshine-pump
  • Place of Origin: Shanghai, China
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
  • Supply Capacity: 600sets per month/month
  • Payment: T/T in advance
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65WQK37-13 biogas pump Description

Biogas pump

submersible biosolid pump

High chromium alloy cutting impeller and cutter plate

Manure pit cutter submersible sewage pump is submersible motor pump with a cutter at the bottom of the inlet. When the pump works, the cutter combination device rotates with the shaft at high speed to produce a strong cutting force.

The pump is used for used for pumping manure, biogas manure, sewage sludge, wastewater and similar media, some of which contain solids. Sanitary napkins, plastic bags, towels and hair is cut and then discharged along with the sewage.

1. There is a cutter device at the water inlet of the electric pump, which can cut up the big garbage, such as towels, sanitary towels and plastic bags

2, equipped with submersible copper wire motor with copper core.

3, standard cable

4, mechanical seal is double end alloy!


Community, municipal pipe network, comprehensive sewage treatment plant, building basement sewage treatment equipment, subway engineering, especially suitable for the medium containing long fiber wastewater.

Sewage discharge of food, leather, paper pulp, printing and dyeing, steel and other products.

Sewage discharge from slaughtering sites and rural biogas digesters.

flow rate 10-200m3/h
head 10-40m
pump material high chrome alloy impeller and cutter plate
sewage pump wastewater pump
submersible pump biogas pump
biosolid pump manure pump
slurry pump cutter impeller pump
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