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Kenshine Pump Valve MFG Co.,LTD was founded in 1995, main in producing and supplying products like pump, industrial pump, centrifugal pump and so on, our products are selled to Asia, Middle East, Africa and other markets.

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AY high temperature centrifugal oil pump

AY high temperature centrifugal oil pump
  • Model Number: 40AY40*2
  • Brand Name: kenshine-pump
  • Place of Origin: Shanghai, China
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1Set
  • Supply Capacity: 500Sets per month/month
  • Payment: T/T in advance
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40AY40*2 AY high temperature centrifugal oil pump Description

AY type high temperature centrifugal oil pump is divided into six structures: single-stage single-suction cantilever type, two-stage single-suction cantilever type, single-stage single-suction cantilever type, single-stage double-suction double-support type, two-stage single-suction double-support type and two-stage single-suction double-support type.

AY type high temperature centrifugal oil pump is especially suitable for conveying high temperature and flammable, explosive or toxic liquid. The installation method is horizontal center line support. The suction flange and outlet flange of the pump are cast on the pump body and are vertically upward. The bearing chamber (packing box) and the pump cover are cast into one, which can be used for packing seal, balanced type, flow type and series mechanical seal. An optional jacket of a water-cooled chamber is cast outside the shaft seal chamber. The water-cooled chamber shall be specially provided or provided when the conveying medium is water with a temperature exceeding 66 ° c and hydrocarbon action exceeding 150 ° c.

Impeller for the whole casting, and through static balance check, the axial force of the pump mainly depends on the impeller balance hole to balance.

The bearing body is equipped with a set of radial ball bearings and a set of thrust ball bearings mounted back to back. The bearings are lubricated with thin oil of oil swing ring. The external surface of the bearings is cast with heat sink, which can be cooled by air (T <120℃), fan cooling (T =120-260℃) and water cooling (T =260-420℃).

Pump maintenance does not have to disassemble the suction or discharge pipeline.  It is easy to disassemble the impeller, shaft, bearing, shaft seal and other parts. The shaft seal adopts mechanical seal. The pump is driven directly by a motor through a flexible diaphragm extension coupling. Viewed from the direction of the motor, the pump rotates counterclockwise.

AY type high temperature centrifugal oil pump can be used in petroleum refining, petrochemical and chemical industries and other places to transport petroleum, liquefied petroleum gas and other media without solid particles.

Flow: 1 to 612m3/h

Head: 370 to 670m

Liquid temperature: -20 to 400Degree Celsius.

Pump material: cast iron, cast steel, alloy steel

flow rate 2-600m3/h
head 37 to 670m
pump material cast iron, cast steel, alloy steel
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