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3G heat preservation triple screw pump

3G heat preservation triple screw pump
  • Model Number: 3G45*2-46
  • Brand Name:
  • Place of Origin: Shanghai, China
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1Set
  • Supply Capacity: 300SETS PER MONTH/month
  • Payment: T/T IN ADVANCE
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3G45*2-46 3G heat preservation triple screw pump Description

Bitumen pump,triple screw pump is a rotor type positive displacement pump, it is the use of screw meshing principle, relying on the rotating screw meshing each other in the pump sleeve, the medium is closed in the meshing cavity, along the screw axial continuous uniform speed to the outlet, to provide stable pressure for the system.
Bitumen pump, triple screw pump is suitable for all kinds of non-corrosive oils and similar oils and lubricating liquids. The viscosity range of conveying liquid is generally 3.0-760mm2/s(1.2-100oe), and the high viscosity medium can be transported by adding temperature and reducing viscosity. Fluids temperature does not exceed 350℃.
3G triple screw insulated asphalt pump produced by our company is mainly used for conveying high viscosity and high temperature lubricating liquid. 3G heat preservation screw pump is often used to transport asphalt, heavy fuel oil, heavy gear oil and other media. The heat carrier can be steam, hot oil and hot water, and the cold carrier can be gas and liquid.
Asphalt pump, three-screw pump is widely used in petroleum, chemical fiber, metallurgy, machinery, power, machine tools, ships, glass, roads and other industries.
Bitumen pump, triple screw pump is suitable for conveying fuel oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, crude oil, bitumen and other similar oil lubricating oil and lubricating liquid.
Asphalt pump, triple screw pump is widely used in the industrial field for lubrication pump, hydraulic pump in the hydraulic system, in the fuel system for transport and booster pump, in the oil system etc.
Features of Asphalt pump, three-screw pump
(1) the medium is continuously transported in a straight line, without stirring or pulsation;
(2) small vibration and low noise.
(3) high pressure, high efficiency;
(4) simple structure, easy to disassemble and assemble.
(5) slight wear and long life.
Asphalt pump, three-screw pump - technical parameters:
Flow range: 2.4m /h~240m /h
Head range: 60m~250m
Motor power: 1.1kw~90kw
Model meaning:
Example: 3G 60*2-46
3G-- triple screw pump 60-- screw outside diameter
2-- screw pitch number 46-- screw Angle 46°

flow rate 2-250m3/h
head 0.6-2.5mpa
pump material cast iron or stainless steel,cast steel
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bitumen pump asphalt pump
transfer pump High viscosity fluids pump
food pump petrochemical pump
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