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HEBEI TOBEE PUMP CO., LIMITED was founded in 1987, main in producing and supplying products like slurry pump, submiserble pump, Dredge Pump and so on, our products are selled to Europe, southaffrica, North America and other markets.

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100RV Vertical Cantilever pump

100RV Vertical Cantilever pump
  • Model Number: 100RV
  • Brand Name: TOBEE
  • Place of Origin: Hebei, China
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1
  • Supply Capacity: 100/month
  • Payment: T/T
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100RV 100RV Vertical Cantilever pump Description

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Metal Model: 40PV-SP, 65QV-SP, 100RV-SP, 150SV-SP, 200SV-SP, 250TV-SP, 300TV-SP

Submerged depth: E 900mm, G 1200mm, J 1500mm, L 1800m, M 2000m, Q 2400mm

Wet End parts:
Pump Impeller: SP40206A05, SP65206A05, SP10206A05, SP15206A05, SP20206A05, SP25206A05, SP30206A05
Pump Casing: SP40092A05, SP65092A05, SP10092A05, SP15092A05, SP20092A05, SP25092A05, SP30092A05
Pump Back Liner: SP40041A05, SP65041A05, SP10041A05, SP15041A05, SP20041A05, SP25041A05, SP30041A05

Rubber Model: 40PV-SPR, 65QV-SPR, 100RV-SPR, 150SV-SPR, 200SV-SPR, 250TV-SPR, 300TV-SPR

Wet End parts:

Pump Impeller: SPR40206, SPR65206,SPR10206, SPR15206, SPR20206, SPR25206, SPR30206
Pump Casing: SPR40092, SPR65092, SPR10092, SPR15092, SPR20092, SPR25092, SPR30092
Pump Back Liner: SPR40041, SPR65041, SPR10041, SPR15041, SPR20041, SPR25041, SPR30041
Impeller O-ring: RV064-S10,  Discharge Pipe Gasket: SP10204, Rubber Back Liner Seal: E4124S01

Material A05