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1-1B single screw thick slurry pump

1-1B single screw thick slurry pump
  • Model Number: 1-1B 1inch
  • Brand Name: kenshine-pump
  • Place of Origin: Shanghai, China
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1Set
  • Supply Capacity: 1000Sets per month/month
  • Payment: T/T in advance
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1-1B 1inch 1-1B single screw thick slurry pump Description

Single screw thick slurry pulp mud pump

1-1B thick slurry pump is a single screw positive rotary pump.1-1B thick slurry pump uses the eccentric single screw to rotate in the double screw bushing to make the thick liquid move along the spiral groove from the suction to the discharge outlet, so as to realize the conveying function of the pump.



1. High concentration and high viscosity <10000PaS and suspension slurry containing particles can be transported.

2. Stable transport fluid, no overcurrent, pulsation, mixing and shearing slurry etc. phenomenon.

3, the discharge pressure has nothing to do with the speed, low flow can also maintain high discharge pressure.

4, the flow is proportional to the speed, through the speed changing mechanism or speed regulating motor can achieve flow regulation.

5, strong self-suction ability, no bottom valve can be directly suck liquid.

6, the pump can be reversed, the liquid flow by the direction of the pump rotation to change.  It is suitable for the pipeline to be in reverse flushing occasions.

7. Stable operation, low vibration and noise.

8. Simple structure, convenient disassembly and maintenance.

I-1b thick pulp pump is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, brewing, paper, food and other units.


thick slurry pump Structure and material:

shell casting, transmission parts (main shaft, screw and winding shaft)are made of stainless steel. It is suitable for general neutral slurry transport, general acid, alkali slurry transport.

transmission parts and pump case with contact slurry are made of stainless steel. It is suitable for transporting food, pharmaceutical and corrosive slurry.

Rubber bushing is available for general wear - resistant rubber, food rubber and oil - resistant rubber.

The transmission mode includes direct transmission of motor and pump shaft, direct transmission of motor by reducer and pump, and transmission of motor by triangular pulley and pump shaft.

Equipped with general enclosed motor, explosion-proof and electromagnetic speed regulating motor and with stepless speed changing machine, gear reducer for users to choose.


Technical Parameters:

Flow rate: 1.5-38m3/h;

Head: 30-120m

Power: 1.1-15KW;

Speed: 960r/min;

Temperature: 0-100℃;

Caliber: 25-150mm.

flow rate 1-38m3/h
head 30-120m
pump material SS304,SS316,SS316L
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drainage pump slurry pump
pulp pump single screw pump
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