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Globe Valve Selection Guide

In order to know the ideal valve that you can use, here is a globe valve selection guide that you may want to look at.

A Globe Valve is commonly known as a form of mechanism that is mainly used to regulate or impede the flow of liquid or gas within a pipe. Its seat is structured in the middle and parallel towards the pipe and the opening is enclosed with the use of a disc. In this type of valve, the plug is connected to a stem that works by means of screw action in manual valves. This type of valve indeed assists in obtaining good control regulating the flow of liquid; water pipes fit together in this valve so that its operator would be aided in monitoring the water flow when the valve is opened either partially or all the way.


Going further, this type of valve is made out of metallic alloys but there are some products that are formed with the use of synthetic materials; such materials have been utilized according to pressure, temperature and controlled media properties. The life of this valve can last for a long time once it goes through a process of corrosive and erosive steams that typically requires a careful selection of materials or body coatings; given that this valve is made of high grade materials, there is a guarantee that it can last for years and it can give consistent results at all times. Furthermore, this valve has two forms known as the threaded valve and the flanged valve; the threaded valve contains a brass body coat and it has metal to metal seats, stainless steel stems, and interchangeable spring-loaded packing while a flanged valve may come in two-way or three way forms and it has cast iron body coat, a steam and water pressure inlet. In order to know the ideal valve that you can use, here is a Globe Valve selection guide that you may want to look at:

  • Look for direct coupled linear actuators that have passed quality control specifications. This guarantees that the manufacturers of the valves were able to meet quality requirements and demands.

  • The coupled actuators should be structured for easy mounting. This mounting process should be done without needing adjustments, linkages, brackets or adapters.

  • Check the models that will suit your need and select between water and steam control.

  • The valves should be built based on the flow characteristics percentage towards water, and linear flow characteristics together with steam applications.

  • Verify the valve’s accurate positioning to secure that it will provide the right amount of temperature control when in use.

  • Search for models that contains pressure balance for it aids in obtaining high close.

  • Auxiliary switches may be utilized if necessary.

Now that you know the factors that need to be considered in searching for the ideal Globe Valve that you can use, ensure that you will be purchasing them from reputable manufacturers to guarantee that you will be able to obtain a product that is of superb condition. Proper installation of the valve definitely matters so that you maximize it to the fullest and avoid any inconveniences on the course of use.